Hearing aid

Oyama proposes the best hearing aids for those who are “hard to hear”.

We will propose the right hearing aid selection.
Depending on the customer’s condition, it may be possible to hear enough with only one ear, or you can purchase a second-hand product with a reduced budget.
Please contact us by all means.

Hearing aid purchase flow

1. Consultation

We will ask you about your situation and concerns. If you are already using a hearing aid, please bring it with you.
We will ask for your request at the reception.


2. Hearing measurement

We will measure your current hearing.
We will test your hearing.


3. Selection of hearing aids

Hearing aids will be selected and adjusted according to the examination and request.
Choose the best hearing aid.


4. Trying on hearing aids

I will ask you how you hear it after you put it on. Please let us know if you feel uncomfortable.


5. Measure with a hearing aid

We will check the effect by re-measuring with the hearing aid attached.

6. Installation and maintenance information

We will guide you how to install it yourself and how to insert and remove the battery.
Check how you hear.


7. Adjustment for daily wear

Fine tuning is important for hearing aids. Please come to the store whenever there is a problem.
Please come to the store in case of trouble.


About warranty

Warranty period is 1 to 2 years (3 months for used products)

If you find any inconvenience in the product you purchased, we will take all possible measures, so please come visit us.

The phone number is

MON - FRI: 9:00AM - 7:00PM